Hot Water Systems in Townsville

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Townsville’s hot water System specialists

There’s no worse feeling than getting ready for a great hot shower and realising you’re out of hot water. At Jason Miekus Plumbing & Drainage, we specialise in providing affordable, sustainable water heating solutions to domestic and commercial clients throughout Townsville.

We repair, maintain, service, replace and install electric, gas and solar hot water systems—at a competitive price. While we always recommend going solar, we understand it’s not suitable for every household, which is why provide an all-inclusive service.

Of course, if you’re looking to upgrade from your old electric system, but your roof doesn’t get enough sunlight to make solar viable, talk to our team about our fantastic gas systems! Connected to your main gas line, or in some cases LPG bottles, these water heaters only heat water when it is necessary, reducing costs and saving you loads.

While they are slightly more expensive than electric systems initially, they pay for themselves within a few months. Some systems even come with a remote control, allowing you to set maximum temperatures, perfect for preventing accidental scalds or burns—especially on small children.

Aside from replacement and installation, we also service and repair all makes and models of hot water systems. From cracked tanks to thermostatic valve replacement and repairs, Jason Miekus Plumbing should be your first call for all hot water system maintenance in Townsville.

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