Septic Tanks & Installations

Septic Tank - All Plumbing Emergencies in Townsville

Townsville septic plumbing, maintenance & repairs

Need a septic tank or grey water management system installed on your Townsville property? At Jason Miekus Plumbing & Drainage, we have extensive experience installing, repairing and maintaining tanks and systems of all sizes.

There are stringent rules and regulations that apply to septic systems and their installations, which is why it’s best to ensure yours is being looked after by a team with more than 25 years’ industry experience.

From a small domestic tank, to a multi-tank commercial unit, we have the skills and expertise to handle installation and repairs of any system in the region.

If you need a backflow prevention system connected to the main water lines, don’t worry. We do that as well! We can install, test and certify that your backflow prevention system is working as intended, ensuring you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Interested in recycling your wastewater or grey water for irrigation and gardening? Let our friendly plumbers design and install a customised irrigation system for you. We also repair and replace current systems, including valves, sprinklers and piping.

From septic tank maintenance to backflow prevention installation and certification, Jason Miekus Plumbing & Drainage has your sewage needs covered. Contact our team today to find out more.